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527 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Meet Brian and Keith! The artists behind the decade old framing shop.


Meet Keith and Brian! Keith and Brian fell in love 40 years ago in Allentown. Their relationship was founded on a deep respect for each other as artists. Working as picture framers was the perfect compliment to their profession and soon they discovered they were both extremely good at it. They eventually moved to Philadelphia which provided opportunities for their artistic career. It also introduced them to high end picture framing.

Origin Story

Keith and Brian settled into positions at separate businesses, eventually joining and being the framing department for Sande Webster Gallery. When the last financial bubble burst, art sales plummeted, but framing remained strong. When the Sande Webster Gallery closed, they adopted her clients and set off on their own. Ten years ago, on Sept 4th, they became B and K Arts, LLC.

Setting out, their goal wasn’t to capture all of the framing business in the area. They wanted to stay small and manageable. Keith and Brian very much value doing one of a kind projects.  Though their reputation is as artisan framers, they happily also do posters and family photos. Keith and Brian know they are privileged to see and handle amazing artwork and interesting memorabilia. “In fact it’s the honor of being trusted with people’s prized possessions that has always been our greatest joy.”

Roses and Thorns

When Keith and Brian opened, they had enough business experience to approach it with some basic tenants. But, of course, now they were in charge of it all! Besides staying on top of quality and scheduling there was now a new concern, never get behind on the bills. It was a law they weren’t sure how they would abide by, but of course they figured it out. An old boss always calmed Keith with the motto, “Everything works out”, and so far for Keith and Brian, it has.

“Our clients, associates, and friendly neighborhood have allowed B&K and our art to thrive. Our gratitude washes over any frustrations being in business for yourself brings.”

527 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

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