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To promote visibility, solidarity, and success for small businesses and the people who run them

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Hey all! Avery here, the brain behind Keepin’ it Small. I want to tell you all a little about how this business came to be.



Hi, I’m Avery a third generation small business owner and I’m so excited to introduce myself and the story behind Keepin’ it Small. I was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. Arguably, home of the best pizza in America (arguments encouraged). I studied religion at Earlham College in Indiana and it was there that I learned the value and strength of community. The friends that I made at Earlham are the reason that I moved to Philly in 2009. After over a decade of calling Philly my home, it still remains the best decision I’ve ever made. Though I wholeheartedly believe we don’t get enough snow.

After working in different bakeries and catering companies across Philly, I decided to open The Baker’s Jar in February 2014. Opening the bakery never felt like a big decision for me. It seemed like the obvious decision. I loved working in mom-and-pop shops, and I knew if I wanted to grow professionally, this should be my next step.

For 7 incredibly rewarding years, I baked delicious treats and built an irreplaceable community. It became clear to me that though I loved baking, my real passion was the success of small businesses and the impact and importance they have on our communities.

After closing the bakery earlier this year, I went to visit my friends from college. I went back to my community to figure out my next steps. On a drive from Pittsburgh to Chicago, the wheels literally began to turn. Just days after closing my shop, I missed it. I missed being a part of the small business community. And so… Keepin’ it Small was born.


Keepin’ it Small is a digital directory categorized by the who, what, and where of local businesses. Beyond the directory, my vision is to create a centralized and supported community in which small businesses thrive.


People are inclined to shop small now more than ever. However, despite social media and the broad reach of digital visibility, it can still be difficult to find local businesses that suit the public’s needs. Thriving small businesses are essential to the health of our neighborhoods and to the livelihood of cities. They create revenue, employ community members, influence the prices of real estate, and have other immeasurable benefits.

Above all else though, small businesses create communities that thrive. Each small business creates its own community by bringing people together in unique ways. Those stories of building community around small businesses need to be told, and I believe that Keepin’ it Small can help them thrive. We provide a platform for owners to tell their story and receive the support they deserve.

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