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Meet Anna and Page! The duo who believes in ethical sourcing and mindful production


Meet Anna! Anna grew up in West Virginia, in a village built around a limestone quarry. Because of that, she was interested in the impacts of mining and extractive industries early on, and studied environmental science and psychology in college. “I always loved making things with my hands–but an internship at a metal sculpture studio got me working in metals. When I moved to San Francisco after college, I started making jewelry so that I could keep my metal practice going without access to a huge studio.” 

Meet Page! Page has a background in sculpture, product design, & design education. “I worked in design research at an architecture firm as well as in education at the Fashion Institute of Technology & the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. The year we decided to start the business, I began a Master’s Degree in Integrated Product Design at the University of Pennsylvania.”

Origin Story

Page and Anna founded Bario Neal in 2008. They were both designing and making jewelry, and running into the questions of material origin. “We work so closely with our materials, and jewelry can carry so much significance. We began to consider-how do we do this without knowing our materials’ origin and history? The maker imparts the value of their making, and the wearer attaches their own significance and wears the jewelry as an amulet, a marker, or for remembrance (or just for fun).”

Anna and Page knew they wanted to be on the East Coast. Anna was just moving back from San Francisco and Page was in NYC at the time. They were drawn to Philadelphia because of the network of craftspeople and manufacturers, the strong artist community, and affordable space.

Over 10 years have gone by since they opened and their roles have shifted significantly. “In the beginning Anna and I did everything from making the jewelry, to all the sales, to bookkeeping, and so on. We now have an incredible staff, which has allowed Anna and I to refine our positions.”

Roses and Thorns

 “I love seeing ideas realized as physical objects that become part of other people’s lives.” -Page

“I love seeing new designs move from an idea to a reality. Seeing sketches and conversation made real in wax and then metal and gems is really pretty magical.” – Anna




524 S 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 648-6570

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