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1748 E Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148

Meet Tara! The purposeful and value based brain behind Birds of Prey Artistry and Aesthetics


Meet Tara! Born and raised in Southern California. She moved to Philadelphia in 2010. It was right after the economic crisis and Tara was ready for change and new opportunities. She was visiting friends in the northeast and Philadelphia, to no ones surprise, won her over with its personality and charm. Philly was much different from where she grew up, but that’s why Tara loved it so much.

“The community here is loyal, kind, and honest. I respect all those things and community was something that lacked in the area I grew up in. It’s refreshing to be able to say that I am surrounded by a great community in such a great city. Philly is a little hidden gem.”

Origin Story

For the past 18 years Tara has been working as a makeup artist and licensed aesthetician working with hundreds of professionals teaching them how to create the perfect look and perfect brow. She has worn many hats to say the least, from working on the fashion runways, film production, and bridal. A large portion of Tara’s career was spent working in medical and holistic spas. She has also spent time as a trainer and educator. Needless to say, Tara has done it all! In 2016 she got trained and certified in permanent makeup and microblading. Her solo career as an artist started to take off and Birds of Prey was born. It’s been almost 4 years that Tara has had her brick and mortar. Birds of Prey Artistry and Aesthetics is a licensed medical spa, permanent makeup studio, as well as a permanent makeup training facility.

Roses and Thorns

“I love owning my business and could not imagine my career any other way. I get to work for myself, but what I really love is that I own a business that I am truly passionate about which is helping people feel good in their skin while being able to be creative.”  Tara prides herself on her educated staff who truly care and understand the core foundations of the business that she’s built. Tara and her staff care about result-oriented solutions when it comes to their approach with skincare and they love creating effortless permanent makeup that their clients can wake up in.

Just as Tara’s favorite things about owning a business are the people she gets to help, the thorns sometimes are the same. Though running a business and leading a staff obviously has its challenges, it taught her so many valuable lessons and she’s always learning from those experiences. The biggest challenge that Tara faces is when she has a client who she can’t please. She knows how lucky she is to have so many wonderful clients, but it’s always difficult when that once in a blue moon person comes in that may not be the right fit or share the same values that she does, and that can always leave a little mark.

1748 E Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148

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