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1624 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Meet Victor! Don't let the smile fool you, he'll make you work!


Meet Victor! Victor was born in Philly and raised in Camden, NJ. He graduated from Peirce College in 2014 with his Bachelors in Business. During college Victor started working as a personal trainer at an La Fitness in Cherry Hill, NJ. After graduation, he transitioned into full-time training at Bells Bodies Fitness in Haddonfield, NJ.

In 2017, Victor started working at Philly Phitness and fell in love with the city. He had always wanted to live in the heart of the city and finally pulled the trigger in 2017. He and his wife, Nicole, moved into the center city right before their wedding. They stayed there for three years. Victor and Nicole now live in South Philly and are soon expecting their first child!

It had always been a dream of Victor’s to own his own space. Not only did he have the experience of a personal trainer, but he had his own fitness journey as well. From marathons, to bodybuilding, and triathlons. His growth and knowledge in the field is what led him to Control Lab.

Origin Story

Victor knew he wanted to go off on his own, but he also knew how important it was to take his time and really learn from the previous gyms he’d worked at over the years. The gym he was working at pre-pandemic closed in 2020. Victor began training 100% virtually for about a year during the pandemic. But around March 2021 many of his clients were asking for in person sessions.

He knew he had a client base, so he began looking for spaces. The stars aligned, and Victor found his gem on South Street. He got the keys on June 30th and opened the doors on September 20th, 2021!  Control Lab is my ‘pandemic baby’ and owning a gym in the heart of the city has been a dream come true! Community is everything and a positive loving community with excellent fitness coaching is everything I could want Control Lab to be.”

Roses and Thorns

“I love the PEOPLE! I love interacting with new and current clients. But more than anything, helping people achieve more than they ever thought they were capable of, that is where the beauty resides.” 

For Victor owning a business has been a lesson in patience. “I wish I had more than 24  hours in a day. I have many ideas on how I want to continue to serve our clientele and want it all to happen today. In this journey, I’m trying to give myself grace and remind myself not to rush.  Everything will come in time.”

1624 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

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