Emily Chelsea Jewelry

2429 E Gordon St, Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 914-9100

Meet Emily! The creative and ethically minded jeweler.


Meet Emily! Emily is from central PA. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in jewelry/metals/CADCAM from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture in 2011. Emily is a certified Graduate Gemologist through GIA and has consistantly worked in the jewelry industry.  After graduating, Emily and her husband moved to CA for four years during which time she branched out on her own, and in 2015, Emily Chelsea Jewelry was born.

Emily has settled down with her little family in Philadelphia and in 2018 she opened her first shop in Fishtown.

Origin Story

“I was probably a sophomore or a junior in college when I thought of opening my own business. I could never find jewelry that I wanted to wear, so I would just make it, and I started to take on little commission jobs and projects while I was still in school. Even after I got my first job, which at the time I thought was my dream job, I remember asking someone, ‘What do you do when you get your dream job at twenty-one?’ They replied, ‘Find a new dream.’ After that is when I set out to create my own business.”

Emily grew her business while maintaining full time jobs in both PA and CA. She would work in her studio before work, on her lunch break, and then normally head straight to her studio after work, staying often until 10pm. In 2015 Emily finally felt ready to take it on full time. Though this dream of hers had been in the works for a long time she considers October 2015 the official beginning of Emily Chelsea Jewelry. Her spot in Fishtown now operates as a headquarters as well as a beautiful showroom.

Roses and Thorns

“I love owning a business! It’s certainly not for everyone and it has had its ups and downs. I lived without a salary for a couple of years and worked out of a basement, a bedroom, a garage and even a stained glass warehouse! The path was not easy but I was determined. With each step forward, I get the courage to dream even bigger. I enjoy the chase and challenge to my next milestone.”

2429 E Gordon St, Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 914-9100

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