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1604 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148
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Meet Brit! The pop of color behind Heavy Metal Hair Salon


Meet Brit! With over 15 years experience in the industry, her roots into the hair world began at Eastern Center for Arts and Technology for Cosmetology. She grew up in Abington, PA, and like so many of us, high school was not her favorite! She mentioned this to her counselor and it was suggested she give tech school a try. Brit was accepted into a cosmetology school, which meant going to cosmetology school in the mornings during her junior and senior year, while still attending high school. She made it through and started working at a chain to hopefully save enough money to move to California.

Brit saved her money and made it out west. After moving, she decided to take a break from hair to see if there was anything else she enjoyed doing more. She worked in bars, music venues, tanning salons, and even dog grooming. But nothing took the place of hair.

She eventually moved back home after becoming pregnant with her son. Wanting to be closer to family and needing a steady paycheck to buy a house for her growing family Brit found herself back at the chain she worked at before California. As fortunate as she was, Brit started to get the itch to go out on her own in order to take her career in a more serious direction.

Origin Story

“I knew I loved doing hair and I was ready to handle the uncertainty of starting fresh at a higher end salon. It was scary for me not knowing if I’d have clients or a paycheck but I knew it was time. For six years Brit worked at a few different salons and built up an amazing clientele.

Leading up to the pandemic Brit wasn’t fully happy with where she was, and she and her husband started kicking around the idea of what it would look like for Brit to open up her own salon. Soon after, Brit and her husband (a fellow small business owner) saw a commercial property on Passyunk that used to be a salon that was up for rent. She immediately went to check it out, but it needed too much work. As luck would have it, the property manager contacted her later that same day about another space on the Ave that also used to be a salon. That lease would be up in February.

Three days later Brit was signing the lease for Heavy Metal Hair Salon. It all happened so quickly and she was feeling so excited! Then two weeks later the shutdown happened. “I was pretty nervous but the landlord was really nice and helped me out while we were unable to open. We struggled a little bit with getting equipment/color/etc. with everything being closed, but we made it happen! We finally were able to open the doors June 26, 2020. I opened with an amazing team of stylists who I wouldn’t have been able to do without. Since opening we have grown so much as a salon and I’m so proud of how far we’ve all come in the last year!”

Roses and Thorns

Brit’s inspiration comes from women in the punk and metal scene. That certainly shows after she transforms the most ordinary of hair into silvery blondes, dimensional brunettes, and vibrant reds. One of Brit’s favorite parts about having her salon is that she gets to express her creativity on her own terms.

“Owning the salon has not been easy, but it is very rewarding! A big challenge of 20/21 was trying to run a business during a pandemic all while homeschooling my son. With the help of my husband, family, and staff, we made it work, but it’s an experience like nothing I’ve been through before. I’m definitely still figuring things out, but it’s been a lot of fun learning so many new skills that are needed to keep the salon going. The lockdown had really given me time to figure a lot of things out as well, so as hard as that was, it allowed me to spend time learning how to open a successful business.”

1604 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 467-1757

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