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Meet Joey! The quick witted driven woman behind KIN and KIN MEN


Meet Joey! Joey is a native of Tucson, Arizona. She’s had a few stops on her way to Philly. Starting in Colorado she studied sociology and philosophy at Colorado College. For her extracurriculars Joey designed clothes for an annual student run fashion show. Next stop for Joey was Boston. She moved there to work as an intern for the Boston Globe online Style section.

Moving on from Boston Joey’s resume began to grow.  Next stop, Kentucky, where she had the opportunity to work as a stylist for Amazon’s e-commerce photo studio, and assisted on figure shoots, pin up styling, home goods, and tabletop styling. Eventually, Joey was promoted to a stylist. Signing on with an agent led her to e-commerce shoots for brands such as The Limited, Abercombie & Fitch, Rue La La, My Habit, and more.

Joey had been working in the industry for over a decade and the urge to go out on her own was strong. She started focusing all her energy on opening her own boutique in her next stop, Philadelphia. Joey wanted to create a retail experience focused on inclusivity and community.

Origin Story

Joey opened up KIN in April of 2017. For Joey, opening her own shop was more than just a professional leap, she wanted to make a statement in the industry she had worked in for a decade. “Truthfully, I took the leap four years ago to open my own shop because I realized I could make more of an impact on this industry working for myself. Fashion is an incredibly polarizing space. It can be damaging to us as women because of the elitism that some stores and brands promote. I’ve worked at places where they don’t even carry my size, and I’ve stepped into shops where I’ve felt wildly unaccepted.”  Joey knows there is still a way to go, but, with enough demand, she knows she can make a difference in size visibility.

Joey wanted to create a space where everyone felt welcome and where no one felt uncomfortable by price or the size on the tag. Joey’s strategy is to invest in everyday, staple items, and fill in with lower priced trends. She really believes in loving and utilizing every piece in your wardrobe.

Joey is now in her fourth year of business and clearly she’s doing something right! “Clothing is something that everyone deserves to be a part of, and I wanted to cultivate a space that encourages and promotes inclusivity.  Hence, the name KIN, all of my customers feel like family.” In October of 2021, Joey moved to a larger space a couple doors down. Her old space will soon become a Men’s Store in the spring of 2022!

Joey opened her mens shop in the spring of 2022. The Kin Men experience will be very personalized, with one-on-one styling and the opportunity to make an appointment or just walk-in. Offerings will include everyday staples, workwear, bathing suits, small accessories, sunglasses and leather goods. The idea behind the store is that men need less trends and should invest in quality and versatility, over quantity.

“Clients will be able to communicate their needs and have a style assessment where we will collect all of their size information and preferences to keep on file. Our hope is to make the styling process easy and painless. Men will be able to walk in-and-out with unique, comfortable, and well-constructed pieces; tailored towards their lifestyles whenever they need. Our stylists will take the guesswork out of shopping, in the same easy and low-pressure environment as our women’s boutique.”

Kin Men features a clean, Scandinavian-inspired design, two large individual dressing rooms; an outdoor patio, and a comfortable seating area, stocked with complimentary cocktails and the boutique’s own in-house negroni line. All of which Joey conceptualized and designed herself.

Roses and Thorns

“What I love about owning my own business is the freedom to create an environment without rules and boundaries. I am very difficult to manage, so I quickly became aware that working for other people isn’t an option. I love my staff, I love my customers, and I’m very lucky to have the loyalty that I do. I think that speaks to going against the typical retail grain. I have the opportunity to try out new ideas, work with like minded individuals, and pave my own way, in my own way.”

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. For Joey, the difficulties include things such as time structure and the responsibility of owning something on your own.  But, of course, the roses still outweigh the thorns! “ You don’t have the option to just clock out at 5pm.  It’s a full time around the clock job. You’re responsible for the outcome of your business.  It can often feel overwhelming and lonely being solely accountable for your success and failures especially when employing others.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world though, I feel very fortunate to have the support and not only be operating but expanding during such an unstable time.

1010 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
1014 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 595-2233

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