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547 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19130
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Meet Latoya ! The woman bringing joy through this big business in a small space.


Meet Latoya! Latoya was born and raised in Philadelphia. She has a background in both culinary arts and medical studies. Latoya graduated from Bartram Human Service in 2002, the Art Institute for Culinary Arts in 2006, and rounded it all out with a degree from the Pennsylvania Technical Institute in 2015 where she graduated with honors and an academic scholarship to Temple University’s pharmacy program. So, needless to say, Latoya knows what she’s talking about! Her education is how she is able to create really tasty AND good-for-you treats!

Latoya has had about every job under the sun, but she has really found her niche at Made with Love Juicery. Not only is she able to combine all of her education, but she gets to be a leader and a mentor, which is a real passion of hers. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty darn good at it!!

Origin Story

Latoya started working at the Whole Foods juice bar in 2017. Two years later, in December of 2019, Whole Foods closed the juice bar. It was then that Latoya’s wheels started turning. Latoya wasn’t ready to stop. She really enjoyed the creative aspect of making different kinds of juices for her customers. Not surprisingly her customers loved them too! And most importantly she believed she could be successful.

Like so many small business owners Latoya started out from her home. Throughout the pandemic she continued creating juices from there. Latoya felt like it was time to expand as her clientele grew. The original plan was to build a food truck. She was days away from sending one of the biggest checks she had ever written when she got a phone call….there was an amazing building space up for grabs. Well, you guessed it. Made with Love Juicery now had a permanent home on 20th and Spring Garden. “I brought a bunch of my Whole Foods community with me as we started this huge task together, and we have been rocking it since May of 2021. Five months in, we have been voted the BEST smoothie in Philly by Philly Magazine. Only up from here!”

Roses and Thorns

“As a business owner, mother of three awesome kids, wife to an amazing husband, and supporter of so many people who appear in my life, specifically those who become a part of the Made With Love Family, I am constantly wearing more hats than I can even consider holding. This can be exhausting, but when I see my customers’ smiling faces and their extreme gratitude for the loving, welcoming environment that Made With Love offers, it makes it all worth it.”

547 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19130
(267) 855-8423

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