Metro Mens Clothing

1712 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Meet Ishmael! The ambitious and kind owner behind Metro Mens Clothing


Meet Ishmael! Ishmael was born in Santa Isabel, Ecuador. He moved to Queens, NY in 2000 and eventually moved to Philadelphia after graduating from high school.

Ishmael started community college when he moved to Philadelphia, but decided after a year he wanted to work and save his money for future opportunities.

“I had a few jobs before working in retail. I worked in the restaurant industry, housekeeping, construction, and also worked as a paralegal for an immigration firm. I always liked learning and being able to take on any challenge.”

Origin Story

In 2019 Ishmael started working at Metro Mens Clothing. When he joined, Metro had been in business for 9 years. Ishmael had been working there for 3 years when the original owner decided it was time to part ways and close the shop. But Ishmael was not ready to walk away from Metro and decided to take over to continue Metro’s presence on East Passyunk.

“I always enjoyed the entertainment industry. I always wanted to be in the fashion world. Either become a fashion designer, stylist, or have my own clothing store. I started my sewing classes in my senior year in high school in New York. I come from a very small town in Ecuador where fashion isn’t a priority or something we look at as lifestyle. Fashion has given me the opportunity to learn more about cultures, people, and about myself. I love fashion because it’s a key to a world where your imagination can become a reality. It also has helped me think outside the box, be fearless and I’m able to show people who I am more freely through my Fashion.”

Roses and Thorns

“For most small businesses the pandemic was the biggest thorn, but for me it definitely gave me the opportunity to work harder and show my potential to become a business owner.”

1712 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148

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