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Meet Lori! The woman bringing her decades of musical talent to Philadelphia


Meet Lori! Lori was born in NYC, raised in NJ and has been in PA for 30 years. From piano lessons to flute lessons, mix tapes to school dances, band to chorus, writing to recording, teaching to performing; music as always been her thing. 

She graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education (Instrumental Music w/ Flute Concentration), went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Music Education (Specialization in Orff-Schulwerk) from WCU and has so many post-graduate credits that she probably has a honorary Doctorate. She was an elementary, general/vocal music teacher and choral director, who also taught private instrument lessons, for 13 years. Her partnerships with The World Cafe Live and MilkBoy Coffee catapulted her performance career, bringing credibility to her name in the small-business and musician circles of Philadelphia.

Origin Story

In 2010, Lori left her classroom gig and started Music Monkey Jungle. Her vision was to bring high-quality, interactive music, movement and banter to audiences of all ages. Without a location of her own, she got creative and partnered with The Children’s Boutique, Old Pine Community Center, Reading Terminal Market, The Shops at Liberty Place and a number of other like-minded business owners, in and around the city. Her sing alongs were a staple in early childhood communities all over the region and she continued to teach private music lessons, out of her home studio.

In 2017, she knew it was time to take a chance on having a location of her own. A location that was specifically designed for her programs, events and classes. A location where she could perform, teach lessons and have celebrations. A location where she’d be able to partner with like-minded businesses and offer rental space for programs, events, classes and celebrations of others. In 2018, a location was found. In 2019, build-out started. In 2020, construction was complete but due to the pandemic, a public opening was put on hold. Performances halted and focus went to virtual lessons, only. In 2021, lessons were offered virtually, in person and events were by appointment only. Now, at the tale-end of 2022, Lori is looking forward to using the studio to its full capacity and slowly but surely opening to the public in 2023.

The pandemic changed everything. What Music Monkey Jungle was once known for no longer exists and Lori finds herself, going through a personal and professional renaissance. Many people have asked if she’ll change the name of the company but there’s a story to the name and the logo, a story that has deep importance to her and her husband, Andrew. So, Music Monkey Jungle is here to stay and they’re excited to bring major focus to Ukulele Happy Hour, Guitar Social, Dance Party Cardio, Drum Set Jam, Kid’s Only Open Mic (drop off) and Private Lessons (for all ages) and all of these events will be LIVE! from the Studio Lounge.

Roses and Thorns

Lori loves being her own boss! Like many small businesses owners her biggest difficulty is sticking with her designated time off.


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