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Meet Taralyn! The woman who strives to make an impact on her clients lives inside and out.


Meet Taralyn! Taralyn is from South Jersey. She grew up in Washington Township and raised her kids in Wenonah and Mentua. Taralyn and her husband moved into the city in 2016 and absolutely love it.

In 1996, Taralyn attended Rizzieri Aveda School for cosmetology.  Years later, when she decided to go into skin care, she went back for their full esthetic program. Taralyn’s interest in skin care came from a personal experience. She had developed adult acne that affected her self confidence and she wanted to work with others in order to make a difference.

Taralyn worked as the lead esthetician for a spa owned by Virtua Hospital.  After  a few years she moved into the city and worked for Rescue Spa.  Then the pandemic hit and Taralyn was laid off.  It was through the work she was doing on herself to get through such a difficult time that she realized she was ready to start her own spa.

Origin Story

When Taralyn was laid off at the start of the pandemic she didn’t really know what to do since she was used to being on the go all the time.  She turned to yoga and meditation to ease her mind. During one of her meditation sessions Taralyn realized she wanted to help people on a deeper level. She decided to enroll in school to become an integrative health coach, hoping to help people feel radiant inside and out.

This led her to follow her intuition and open her own spa. After talking it over with her husband (who co-owns and does the marketing) he was all in too. Three months later, in August 2020, after a lot of hard work, Nirvana Wellness MedSpa opened its doors and Taralyn has never been happier. About a year later they had already outgrown their current space. In September 2021, Nirvana Wellness MedSpa moved to a larger location to accommodate the growing business.

Like a MedSpa, Nirvana offers services like injectables, laser services, and RF Microneedling. Where a MedSpa stops, Nirvana starts with relaxing spa services like: facials, massage, and waxing. Nirvana even goes a step further with other wellness services like: acupuncture, integrative health coaching, infrared sauna and, halotherapy. Taralyn believes, “with this combination, we consider ourselves a wellness medspa.”. 

Roses and Thorns

“I absolutely love owning my own business, being able to offer clients a unique spa experience in a positive atmosphere where they can come relax and feel rejuvenated when they leave. I love what I do and when a client emails me or writes a review on how I have been able to help them it is very fulfilling and makes any of the headaches worth it. I am grateful for this amazing journey I have been on since we opened Nirvana and I am thankful for all of our amazing clients for all their love and support.”

The biggest takeaway so far for Taralyn, as a small business owner, is what it was like to open her space. The plan never actually goes accordingly. “Everything costs three times as much as you think it will and will take twice as long to get done and you have to plan for this as best as possible.”

925 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
(267) 764-2835

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