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Meet Tim! The good humored rum nerd behind Otto's


Meet Tim! Tim’s been living in Philadelphia for close to a decade, though he  grew up not too far away in Wayne, PA. Tim went to Franklin & Marshall College and after graduating, decided to move to Spain for two years to teach English. While he was there he  made friends with a local who brewed his own beer and owned a bar. “The wheels began turning in my head and I knew I wanted to open my own business one day.”

Origin Story

When Tim got back from his time in Spain he got a job in finance. “I would come home after work and spend my free time making beer and honeymead. At a friend’s suggestion, I decided to buy a small pot still and give distilling a try. Immediately, I fell in love with the art and science behind it, and the business wheels in my head kept turning.” 

A year into his finance job he took a trip to Cuba and noticed the locals sipping on aged rum neat, something he had no idea people did with rum. “I became obsessed with rum and dove down the rum rabbit hole, discovering how complex, nuanced, and versatile it really is. After some market research, I learned that rum was fairly underrepresented in the microdistilling landscape and so began writing a business plan to open a microdistillery. A few years later, I set up shop in wonderful South Philly!”

Roses and Thorns

“Many times, people come into the distillery with preconceived notions of what rum is. They’ve had a bad experience with it in college, or solely view it as the alcohol they drink on vacation in a sugary-slushy mix. I love showing them how multifaceted rum can be and educating them on its rich history. 

Owning a distillery can seem very romantic – and it is in many ways. But there’s a lot of cleaning and even more paperwork! It’s a highly regulated industry and working with the city of Philadelphia can be very frustrating at times. But it’s been a great learning experience nonetheless!”

(610) 585-8406

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