Workshop Underground

1544 South St Ground Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Meet Ruben! Owner and Designer behind Workshop Jewlery Boutique


Meet Ruben! As a first-generation Asian-American, he spent most of his childhood in Virginia. The majority of Ruben’s adult life has been in NYC.  He studied economics and sociology at Colombia and then headed downtown for his executive MBA at NYU, sponsored by his first post-grad employer, KPMG. Ruben stayed in The Big Apple until it was time for a career change.

Origin Story

Ruben moved to Philadelphia from Manhattan in 2015 to start Workshop Underground. After many years working in jewelry design and merchandising in various senior executive roles, he decided to leave the corporate world to become an entrepreneur.

Roses and Thorns

“The best thing about being an entrepreneur is interacting with the community at large.” Ruben’s community based mindset has greatly influenced how he’s run Workshop Underground. He has hosted many fundraisers to benefit local schools and other not-for-profit organizations. Since his inception, he has donated more than $100K for these great causes.

1544 South St Ground Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19146

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